Installing Battery Apps Saves Your Day

Within a few years of their introduction, the Smart Phones have become very popular among the masses. The reason being, these can be used for many kinds of work other than making calls and sending messages. Doing tasks like taking photos, sending money, paying bills, checking your fitness levels and so on, by using a phone is the smart way of doing the work today.

Yes, it is a smart way, but are you able to do such work without any hindrance? It is a big NO! Why so? It is because many a times the battery life of these Smart Phones is pretty low. Before the end of the day your battery would have drained out. So your Smart Phone will not be of any use unless till it is charged. If there is no facility to charge the phone, all the functions that you normally do with the phone cannot be performed. So you are left high and dry.

How to increase battery life

What you need is a phone that has a good battery life but can this drawback be overcome in the present day phones? The makers of the phones could not achieve this with the hardware. However, this can be compensated with the use of an app or some software.

You can get good battery management apps for both iPhones and Android phones from the App Store and Google Play respectively, which will help you to extend the life of your phone battery.

The apps that are popularly used to save battery life on an iPhone are:

Of course, this list is not an exhaustive one. You have many more apps that can be used for conserving the battery life on your iPhone.


The apps that an android phone user can add are:

Apart from these there are a few more that can be downloaded from Google Play and used to save the battery life of your phone.


Useful tips

Usually the battery life is saved because the app gives the user some useful tips on how to save the battery life. You get some helpful hints on how to increase the battery power on your phone. Also, some apps give you advice on how to increase battery usage.

Going through the instructions given to you through these apps it is really possible to extend the life of your battery. Such apps are useful for a person who uses the phone while on the move. Many a time, there is no access to a charger or you may have to search for a place or a point from where you can charge your battery. If you follow the tips, the apps come in handy and the life of the battery gets extended by a few hours and you are saved the embarrassment of carrying a dead phone.

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