Best Android Puzzle Games

The main function of a phone is to make calls and send and receive messages. A simple phone can do these functions pretty well. Yet we see people prefer to buy a Smart Phone over an ordinary phone though it is much more expensive. Any guesses why it is so? Yes, they are able to play games on it.

A smart phone can be used for many more things but the feature of taking pictures and playing games are the most preferred ones. One of the common queries of phone buyers is how easy and simple it is to play games on the particular model. The model that has better graphics enables the user to play games and such a phone is more in demand especially among the game lovers.


Age is no bar for playing games

Generally there is a notion that it is the young who play games on the phones but this assumption is very wrong. Playing games on a phone is a hobby that sees no age bar. Children are always on the lookout when their mother’s or father’s phone is free so that they can play their favorite game on it.

Even oldies are found to buy phones just to play games. Each of them has a few games they prefer playing. For the senior citizens who don’t have much responsibility or are unable to do a lot of physical work, playing games on a phone is a good pastime.

Games are played by people

The choice of each person to play a game may be different. You have thousands of games on Google Play to be downloaded to play for free on your Android phone. It is the puzzle games that are very popular among the masses. These games are not only a good pastime but also they help the players to relax.



Playing games on the phone is a good stress buster to many too. When playing you forget most of the worries and engross yourself in playing the game. Mental health of the elders seems to improve by playing such games especially the puzzle games. For the young too playing games increases their concentration and thinking power. After all, playing games is not bad but getting addicted to it and only playing games the whole day and doing nothing else is.


Puzzle games that are preferred by most people are:


These are a few of the games that interest a sizeable number of people. Actually it is found that a person picks a game in the area of his or her interest. A person who loves numbers may favor to play games like Sudoku. A game like concrete jungle is well understood by an engineer’s mind. Such people may like such games better.

Those who prefer adventure may like angry birds and the person who tends to find logic in every happening may choose to play refraction. Can we infer then that a person chooses to play games in the theme that is close to their heart?

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