Best Android Puzzle Games

The main function of a phone is to make calls and send and receive messages. A simple phone can do these functions pretty well. Yet we see people prefer to buy a Smart Phone over an ordinary phone though it is much more expensive. Any guesses why it is so? Yes, they are able to play games on it.

A smart phone can be used for many more things but the feature of taking pictures and playing games are the most preferred ones. One of the common queries of phone buyers is how easy and simple it is to play games on the particular model. The model that has better graphics enables the user to play games and such a phone is more in demand especially among the game lovers.


Age is no bar for playing games

Generally there is a notion that it is the young who play games on the phones but this assumption is very wrong. Playing games on a phone is a hobby that sees no age bar. Children are always on the lookout when their mother’s or father’s phone is free so that they can play their favorite game on it.

Even oldies are found to buy phones just to play games. Each of them has a few games they prefer playing. For the senior citizens who don’t have much responsibility or are unable to do a lot of physical work, playing games on a phone is a good pastime.

Games are played by people

The choice of each person to play a game may be different. You have thousands of games on Google Play to be downloaded to play for free on your Android phone. It is the puzzle games that are very popular among the masses. These games are not only a good pastime but also they help the players to relax.



Playing games on the phone is a good stress buster to many too. When playing you forget most of the worries and engross yourself in playing the game. Mental health of the elders seems to improve by playing such games especially the puzzle games. For the young too playing games increases their concentration and thinking power. After all, playing games is not bad but getting addicted to it and only playing games the whole day and doing nothing else is.


Puzzle games that are preferred by most people are:


These are a few of the games that interest a sizeable number of people. Actually it is found that a person picks a game in the area of his or her interest. A person who loves numbers may favor to play games like Sudoku. A game like concrete jungle is well understood by an engineer’s mind. Such people may like such games better.

Those who prefer adventure may like angry birds and the person who tends to find logic in every happening may choose to play refraction. Can we infer then that a person chooses to play games in the theme that is close to their heart?

Best Strategy Games for Phones

Playing games on a Smart Phone is a good pastime for a considerable number of people these days. Actually, there are a few people who buy a phone just for this purpose of playing different kinds of games and they enjoy doing so too.

Most of the games that are available on the internet can be played offline after downloading them on your phone. The others have to be played online. Whatever the way you play, it should be interesting to play them. Of course most of them are free of cost except a few that charge a small nominal monthly fee. It is affordable to play these games and most of the time it is really worth it to play them as it gives the user a lot of entertainment and also value for money.

There are different categories of games that can be played on the Smart Phone. You have puzzle games and also strategy games. All these kinds of games can be downloaded on your phones and enjoyed and played whenever you wish to play. The former games are usually mind games and the latter games are played more for enjoyment.


Develop Skills

Playing games can help you to develop your skills too. You can learn some aspects with ease which you otherwise would have found it difficult to learn. Playing games on the phones gives you the feel of playing games for real. Games based on real sports like football, chess and the like are developed. Several people are found playing them with interest. Playing these kinds of games that are many times the replica of the real time games and sports help people to understand these sports better. The players can play these games on the field in a better way and the chance of then winning the games also increases.


Beware Of Addiction

Yes playing games may make you addictive to the games. You always crave for playing these games. You need to restrict yourself and have some discipline while playing games. The parents need to monitor when and how much the children play games on the phones. Keeping a balance is the need of the hour. This will help you to not only enjoy the game but also help you in other kind of works in your day to day life too.


Supported by Both iOS and Android

Most of the games have two versions one for the Apple Phones and the other for the android phones. So whether you own an iPhone or an android phone you can play your favorite game. You need not change your phone just because the game you wish to play does not support the operating system.

List of a few strategy games enjoyed by people are:

  • Jelly go
  • Dice wars
  • Long journey home
  • Lord of Ultima
  • Aviator
  • Cradle of roam
  • Bush whacker

The list can go on. Apart from this, new games with different themes are launched every now and then. Keep looking for them. Who knows you may find one that will really interest you.

Installing Battery Apps Saves Your Day

Within a few years of their introduction, the Smart Phones have become very popular among the masses. The reason being, these can be used for many kinds of work other than making calls and sending messages. Doing tasks like taking photos, sending money, paying bills, checking your fitness levels and so on, by using a phone is the smart way of doing the work today.

Yes, it is a smart way, but are you able to do such work without any hindrance? It is a big NO! Why so? It is because many a times the battery life of these Smart Phones is pretty low. Before the end of the day your battery would have drained out. So your Smart Phone will not be of any use unless till it is charged. If there is no facility to charge the phone, all the functions that you normally do with the phone cannot be performed. So you are left high and dry.

How to increase battery life

What you need is a phone that has a good battery life but can this drawback be overcome in the present day phones? The makers of the phones could not achieve this with the hardware. However, this can be compensated with the use of an app or some software.

You can get good battery management apps for both iPhones and Android phones from the App Store and Google Play respectively, which will help you to extend the life of your phone battery.

The apps that are popularly used to save battery life on an iPhone are:

Of course, this list is not an exhaustive one. You have many more apps that can be used for conserving the battery life on your iPhone.


The apps that an android phone user can add are:

Apart from these there are a few more that can be downloaded from Google Play and used to save the battery life of your phone.


Useful tips

Usually the battery life is saved because the app gives the user some useful tips on how to save the battery life. You get some helpful hints on how to increase the battery power on your phone. Also, some apps give you advice on how to increase battery usage.

Going through the instructions given to you through these apps it is really possible to extend the life of your battery. Such apps are useful for a person who uses the phone while on the move. Many a time, there is no access to a charger or you may have to search for a place or a point from where you can charge your battery. If you follow the tips, the apps come in handy and the life of the battery gets extended by a few hours and you are saved the embarrassment of carrying a dead phone.

The Best Movie Apps

Movies are the best form of entertainment to get rid of boredom or in case of extra time in hand. That time is gone when people used to stand in long lines of box office to get the movie tickets. Now is the time when people can watch movies with the most used gadget today-mobile phones.

Mobile phones are used for entertainment too in addition to its basic features of calling, texting and net surfing. Although, watching movies is the best way to pass time but it can be very irritating if interrupted by unnecessary and long advertisements. Many apps that have been developed have an aim of allowing the customers to watch movies without any interruption. Few of them are listed below.

The first and the most popular one these days is CinemaBox HD which can be used both by android and iOs users. The best app to stream latest movies, TV shows cartoons and music videos. The best part is that they can even be downloaded on our Smartphone. It also has updated features like kids mode, supports chrome cast etc. Although, this app can’t be downloaded from app store or play store, a step by step tutorial is available to download it online.

Another very popular app is Netflix. The best and the latest movies, episodes of TV shows can be viewed through this app. Its best feature is that there are no useless advertisements. Moreover, there isn’t any buffering issue. It is, though, not a free app and charges a nominal fee in dollars.  But, viewers can also avail the benefit of 30 day trial using their virtual credit card.

The third best movie app is Mega Box HD which is only for Android users. It is an app much like Show Box HD. Its main feature is that it doesn’t use much of the storage space of your phones as it is very small in size, only 1.8MB. It also lets the customers download videos in two qualities: 360p and 720p.

The fourth best app is Bobby movie app which comes as a saviour for ios users as this is one of the rarest apps which are available for iPhone users. It is, undoubtedly, the most convenient apps which can be used to watch videos on iPhone with modern and fluent UI. It can be very easily downloaded from the App store. The best feature is that it is updated frequently.

Another basic yet very useful app for Android users is newest movie app which has the latest movies available in different qualities. Another user-friendly feature is that the customers can check the IMDP rating of any movie before watching it.  The sixth best app, though, some people think it is the best one is Flipps HD as it is simple to use, can be downloaded from play store. The best feature is that we can watch movies simultaneously on phones and TV. Moreover, the movies can even be downloaded on our phones to view them later on in the offline mode.

Another quite famous app is Showbox HD which is an android app. It is the most user friendly app with simple instructions. It can also stream full HD videos (1080p). You tube is another quite popular app for streaming videos online. However, it can’t be used for watching movies by itself. But, with the help of other movies watching apps, we can watch the unlimited data of movies and videos online.

These movie watching apps can be used anywhere with a decent internet connection. No more need of being stressed about boredom during a journey.